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The first year we did shows, Limestone Stage had a total of 28 people volunteering with the organization.  Most of them were actors, though we had a few tech people as well.  Since then, our active roster has bumped to over 80 people and we have had more than 125 people on stage or behind the scenes in at least one show since 2012!  Cool right?  

So, why do all these people keep showing up?  We have been told it is one or a combination of the following:


  • Limestone Stage is 100% free to participate in!

    • Because of our partnership model, Limestone Stage runs very efficiently and reinvests all of its revenues into the company.  As such, we have no need to run a model where members need to pay a fee to be considered for roles or positions in the company.  We want your energy, not your money!

  • Limestone Stage is an educational theatre!

    • Look, we aren't pros here and that is a good thing.  We want to make you better at whatever you want to be better at.  Want to learn how to act?  We will put you on stage.  Want to learn to build?  Here is a saw.  We often run classes and workshops to coach up people new to or rusty in any part of theatre.  We want people to be well rounded and will help them regardless of history on or behind stage!

  • Building a Community​​

    • One of our goals has been to be a safe place for people to gather and meet new people of all ages.  Partnering with Lockport Township Government means that our facility is both secure and safe at all times and our board of directors is comprised of local members of the Lockport and New Lenox communities, among others.  Whether you are 10, 95 or anywhere in between, ​we are happy to meet you and give you a place to build or rebuild a passion for theatre.  


So what do you think?  ​Want to learn more?  Drop us an email at and we will set up a time for you to come meet the board and see the stage! 


We'd love to have you out!


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