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About Us

Limestone Stage, founded in 2014, is a community theatre group serving the greater Will County area. Our focus is to expose

people of all ages and abilities to the performing arts, and educate

them from all sides: acting, directing, tech and operations. We look

at theatre as an excellent way to bring people together, and feel

that Lockport has a very deep need for an artistic outlet for both

people involved in the shows, as well as the viewing public.

Limestone Stage has its roots in 2012 when the Gaylord Building and White Oak Library District decided to put on an abstract theatrical performance as a way of highlighting historic downtown Lockport. Murder Mystery on State Street, a home-written

walking tour in downtown Lockport performed to a sold-out audience in October 2012. It received rave reviews from the audience and resulted in many people from the greater Will County area asking what show we would do next.


After several conversations with the leadership of both the Gaylord Building as well as the White Oak Library District, the trigger was pulled on the second show - a series of comedic one-acts that were granted the title Good Humor: A Festival of One Acts.

That show, too, sold out for every performance and told us officially that not only could a full-blown community theatre work in

Lockport, but it was something the area sorely needed.


Since officially becoming Limestone Stage in 2014, we have done 20 full shows, as well as workshops, classes, and other offerings. Our latest project is an improv group, Quarried Away, which launched in June of 2017.In the fall of 2017, Limestone Stage officially became its own entity, and in 2018, we have secured full no-profit, tax-exempt status.


The Limestone Stage is always looking for folks who want to get involved with theatre, either as actors or crew. We welcome people of all ages, experience levels and abilities.

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